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Senior Pet Month – Nicole’s Story

By November 1, 2019 No Comments

I try to follow the recommendations of the clinic, but in September 2018, I was a bit behind. I decided to bring in my 10-year-old mixed breed, Mayalu for a Wellness Exam and vaccine update. We elected to check routine bloodwork since she was getting older.She was getting older and had slowed down, but I had no real concerns with her overall health.With a history of back problems and consistent use of Gabapentin, checking bloodwork was appropriate.

When the results came in the next day, Dr. Gable informed me that Maya’s platelet count was well below the normal range. We confirmed the results with a manual blood film count and a repeat CBC. After consulting with the internal medicine specialist, we took thoracic and abdominal radiographs to rule out any masses that could be causing the problem. The films were clear so we started therapy for immune-mediated thrombocytopenia.

Maya responded well to the therapy, and after 6 months of medications and bimonthly rechecks with Dr. Gable, I was finally able to wean Maya off of the medication. Maya stayed in remission for roughly 9 months before she relapsed, and we had to start therapy over again. She is currently responding well, and the internist is hopeful that I will be able to maintain her on low doses of immunotherapy drugs, but she will be at risk for relapse and maintained on medications for the duration of her life, but Maya’s still here today because we performed that initial recommended bloodwork.

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