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Patient Forms

Select and complete the appropriate form by 6 PM the day prior to your pet’s procedure. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance completing the necessary form.



A Surgical Release Form will need to be completed before any NON-DENTAL anesthetic procedure can be performed.

Canine Surgical Release Form

Feline Surgical Release Form

Exotic Surgical Release Form

During dental prophylactic cleanings at Rathdrum Animal Clinic, we provide a full-mouth ultrasonic scale and mechanical polish, a full-mouth radiography survey, and a complete oral exam by the veterinarian. The procedure takes approximately 90 minutes under anesthesia. 


It is the policy of Rathdrum Animal Clinic not to extend elective anesthetic procedures past a 2-hour time frame as this puts additional stress on the pet’s body and can impact recovery time. If a procedure is expected to take longer than 2 hours due to necessary tooth extractions or other oral surgery procedures, your veterinarian will recommend a second oral procedure to perform any additional services.


An estimate will be provided if it is determined that a second dental procedure is needed.

Canine Dental Release Form

   Feline Dental Release Form